IPS Card*Gateway

Accept Credit Cards Safely and Instantly!

All Shopping Carts and Card Processors Are Supported

Accept, verify, process and manage online payment transactions including all major credit cards and from all major processors including:

  • Payment Data Systems Merchant Processing
  • First Data (Nashville and Omaha)
  • Global Payments (including Globalc)
  • Nova
  • Vital (VisaNet)
  • Paymentech (Tampa and Salem)
  • WireCard
  • Cardsystems/Maverick
  • Universal

Payment Data’s payment gateway enables real-time, secure (40/128 bit encryption) credit card verification through our software and certified private gateways to all major credit card processors.

Payment Data offers 24-hour access to all transaction information and since Payment Data’s database captures transaction data in real-time, all reports provide an accurate reflection of account activity. In addition, this secure browser-based reporting tool allows searching and sorting by multiple points including, date, credit card, order number, reference number and SKU. A number of other value added features are also included:

  • Sales Reporting and Analysis Tools – Quickly generates sales reports to help you sell more.
  • Email Management – providing text or HTML customized email confirmations
  • Quickbooks® Interface – provides merchants with a seamless way to import transaction data to

    Quickbooks® accounting software

  • Easy Cart Shopping Cart – integrates seamlessly with any site hosted anywhere
  • Virtual Terminal – manually enter transactions or returns from anywhere you have internet access
  • Flexible Query Functions and Data Export Feature

HTML Gateway Support

This is ideal for merchants that do not want to go through the expense of setting up their own secure server to collect customers billing information. Our online Installation Wizard automatically generates the necessary HTML code to add “Quantity” and “Order” button(s) to your site.

Smart Screens also serve as virtual cash registers by accurately calculating total purchase price with all your required tax and shipping rates by zone!

With HTML gateway support, you have all the tools necessary to get your store online and effectively manage your transactions. Through use of our powerful online merchant administrative interface, virtual terminal, and Easy Cart shopping cart, merchants are provided with the most comprehensive set of tools in the industry!

API Gateway Support

This is ideal for merchants that have their own secure server and will collect billing information within their own domain. We deliver a small executable application for installation on your secure server and establishes an encrypted connection to Payment Data System’s payment servers for instant credit card transactions from any web site. Since it runs on your systems, all information is collected from your secure server, formatted and passed to our payment servers for approval directly from Payment Data or your merchant bank processor. The application and is easily integrated by your developers into any custom commerce software application.

Fraud Module includes:

Address Verification System ( AVS)

We support this widely-used system to verify that the billing addresses and zip-codes your customers enter are identical to the ones on their bank records. We offer our customers the ability to tailor AVS to their own particular level of security by giving them a choice of six levels of protection:

Level 0- Allow All Transactions

Level 1- Allow International (No AVS)

Level 2- (Reserved For Special Requests)

Level 3- Require Zip Code Match Only

Level 4- Require Address Match Only

Level 5- Zip & Address Must Match (No International)

Level 6- Zip & Address Must Match (International O.K.)

Many merchants choose to accept all submitted charges (Level 0), reviewing the AVS response Code in their Virtual Terminal or on their digital email receipt prior to fulfilling the order.

IP Address Frequency Check

We have put in place a frequency check to prevent “brute force” attacks on the critical Merchant Administration Area. A key area of fraud is when hackers attempt to “break in” to the Virtual Terminal associated with all gateway accounts to try to issue unauthorized credits. To prevent someone from mounting one of these attached we have built in a system check that will cut off any IP address that attempts to hit the Merchant Admin Area of our customers more than 6 times in any 30 minute period.

This service will also prevent attempts to continually enter random credit card numbers in an effort to find one card that is authorized successfully.

Fraud Module Negative Database

Unscrupulous individuals attempt some very creative ways to get access, goods and services without paying for them. We maintain an exclusive, growing database of hundreds of thousands of card numbers traced to these individuals and charges are screened against this file prior to authorizing a transaction. We encourage our customers to report any violators directly to our technical support center (with supporting documentation) for inclusion via fields provided in the individual Merchant Administration System interface.

Since the CVV2 is found only in this location, the card is more likely to be present and therefore there is a reduced risk of fraud (i.e. stolen charge receipts from department store dumpsters, intended to be used to fraudulently purchase goods online, would not reveal the card’s CVV, and therefore could not be used on sites supporting this routine.)

We make all of these features available to our customers as part of our basic gateway service because we want to provide as much protection from fraud as possible.

Card Verification Value ‘2 (CVV2)

Payment Data makes the CVV2 screening available to all our customers. CVV2 is a set of three digits, found only on the signature plate on the reverse side of most credit cards and is unique to that card. By requiring that your customers enter this value you are adding a very important layer of security to every transaction on your site.

Some of the Shopping Carts that are supported are:

.netCart www.dotnetcart.com
3dCart www.3dcart.com
AbleCommerce www.ablecommerce.com
AgoraCart www.agoracart.com
AShop Software www.ashopsoftware.com
BusyBeeCart www.busybeecart.com
Cart32 www.cart32.com
CartIt www.cartit.com
CartManager www.cartmanager.com
CartObjects www.cartobjects.com
ClickCartPro www.clickcartpro.com
CRE Loaded osCommerce www.creloaded.com
Creative Cart www.creativecart.com
Dansie Shopping Cart www.dansie.net
Easy Store Creator www.easystorecreator.com
Einstein Cart www.sunergize.com
H-Sphere www.psoft.net
iCart www.secure-shops.com
iHTML www.ihtml.com
Impulse 4.2 www.partiallysane.com
King Cart www.king-cart.com
LiteCommerce www.litecommerce.com
Miva www.miva.com
MonsterCommerce www.monstercommerce.com
NetStores www.netstores.com
osCommerce www.oscommerce.com
PrestoStore Web Store www.prestostore.com
QuickCart www.quickcart.com
SearchFit www.searchfit.us.com
SecureNetShop www.securenetshop.com
Side Street Shop www.sidestreetshop.com
Softcart www.mercantec.com
UltraCart www.ultracart.com
VP-ASP www.vpasp.com
X-Cart www.x-cart.com
ZenCart www.zencart.com