Give your Customer Service Representatives the ability to take and view online electronic payment transaction with the Payment Data System’s IPS CSR View*Select electronic payment tool.

The IPS CSR View*Select tool is Web browser based, secure (using encryption and secure socket layers), and intuitive to use. There’s NO software for you to install. We set you up, provide you with the URL link and you’re ready to go!

The following are key features of the IPS CSR View*Select product:

  • Take ACH (checking and savings account) payments for your customers
  • Take Credit Card payments for your Customers
  • You can Credit, Void, Return Credit Card payments as well as perform Credit Card Authorizations and then follow-up with Post Authorizations to complete the sale.
  • Set up Recurring Payments (both ACH and Credit Card) for your Customers so they don’t have to call you each time they need to make a payment.

We’ve also provided your CSR’s with the search tools needed to view detailed ACH and Credit Card transactions entered in the PDS system. Your CSR’s can search for these transactions by any of the following parameters:

  • Customer’s Account Number
  • Date of transaction
  • Bank Account or Credit Card Account number
  • Last Name and/or First Name search
    • Your CSR only needs to enter a partial name and the system will return transactions for ALL customers containing the letter combination entered
  • Transaction Confirmation number
  • Email Address
    • Your CSR can enter a partial email address and the system will return transactions for ALL customers containing email addresses with the partial address entered

If you want some CSRs to only be able to view transactions, and others to make payments only, or some to make ACH payments and others to make Credit Card payments, IPS CSR View*Select can accommodate this need. The IPS CSR View*Select tool provides this flexibility with our permissions set up feature PER CSR. Plus, it’s simple to change as your needs change.

Manage the IPS CSR View*Select tool yourself. There’s no need to continually call PDS to update your account. We’ll set up a person you designate as a System Administrator and they can perform the following functions:

  • Add users
  • Delete users
  • Modify permissions for each user