Pay by Telephone

Accept Credit Card Payments from any Telephone!

Perfect For:

  • Events, Concerts
  • Taxi’s and Limousines
  • Plumbers and Electricians
  • Installers and Repairmen
  • Door to Door Sales
  • Utility Companies On-Site Collections
  • Flea Market Merchants
  • And any remote sales merchant

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Features and Functionality Include:

  • Toll Free Access – No long distance charges
  • Internet Reporting
  • Back Office or Home office can Immediately view transactions as soon as a sale is made.
  • Comes with Web Based Virtual Terminal to Submit Payments Via the Internet
  • Integrated Telephone and Web based transaction reporting – IPS Select CSR*View
  • Fast Merchant Setup Time – As Fast as 24 Hours
  • Supports All Card Types
  • Funds in your bank within 48 hours