IPS Account to Account Transfers

The Account to Account transfer solution enables a consumer to open new accounts within a financial institution or to add funds incrementally to existing accounts from either external or internal accounts. It also allows for outbound transfers to known third parties.

The system is available in both an API/Gateway and a fully hosted and branded service.

PDS’s IPS Account to Account Transfer offering to be unique because it can be delivered with expansive, flexible, and adaptive capabilities, which are illustrated by the following highlights:

  • Complete outsourcing of risk management can be accomplished for those financial institutions that wish to avoid all bad debt issues or be willing to assume the full risk in the other extreme. This is accomplished through FSP (Financial Services Provider) defined controls provided to a highly flexible rules-driven engine that rewards the FSP’s best customers with the highest funds transfer limits and limits the risk associated with customers that have a less attractive profile.
  • Further risk management capabilities exist through the following:
    • Transfer limits can be set by transfer type, e.g. same day, next day, etc.
    • The ability to ascertain and validate a consumer’s funds balance before executing a transfer.
    • Delivery of fully controlled open-loop or closed-loop funds transfer models. The open-loop model allows the FSP to allow funds transfers from any external or internal account to any external or internal account. The closed-loop model provides FSP defined limits regarding external and internal funds transfers in a highly controlled manner, which could include the capability to only allow incoming funds.
  • A variety of funds transfer capabilities that take place securely over the Internet. These capabilities range from same day transfers to delayed settlement. Account types include all forms of traditional bank accounts as well as all forms of asset management accounts for which the financial institution allows ACH credits and debits to be performed.
  • The ability to control consumer fees for fund transfers, with a complete fee management system that allows for certain consumers or certain transfer types to be charged fees or not.
  • Instant account verification for enabled accounts. For those accounts for which instant verification is not available, a trial deposit system is utilized.
  • A highly adaptable technical architecture designed to accommodate a straightforward integration with any financial institution or portal.

The IPS Account to Account Transfer system is integrated with our IPS CSR View*Select System and provides your CSR’s with the search tools needed to view detailed transfers transactions entered in the PDS system. Your CSR’s can search for these transactions by any of the following means:

  • Customer’s Account Number
  • Date of transaction
  • Bank Account or Debit Card Account number
  • Last Name and/or First Name search
    • Your CSR only needs to enter a partial name and the system will return transactions for ALL customers containing the letter combination entered
  • Transaction Confirmation number
  • Email Address
    • Your CSR can enter a partial email address and the system will return transactions for ALL customers containing email addresses with the partial address entered

If you want some CSRs to only be able to view transactions, and others to initiate transfers only, or some to initiate transfers and others to Void initiate transfers, IPS CSR View*Select can accommodate this need. The IPS CSR View*Select tool provides this flexibility with our permissions set up feature PER CSR. Plus, it’s simple to change as your needs change.

Manage the IPS CSR View*Select tool yourself. There’s no need to continually call PDS to update your account. We’ll set up a person you designate as a System Administrator and they can perform the following functions:

  • Add users
  • Delete users
  • Modify permissions for each user