Private Labeled Bill Payment – Billx

Our private labeled bill payment service offering is perfect for financial institutions, brokerage houses and debit card issuers.

Private Label Features Includes:

  • Complete Private Labeled Site, Logo, Font, Brand Colors and Name
  • PDS handles all operations and regulatory compliance
  • Co-Brander sets consumer pricing
  • Co-Brander is billed directly from PDS on a Monthly Basis
  • PDS can assume all payment risk for consumer fraud or co-brander may take on risk
  • PDS handles all bill payment customer service but provides co-brander with a customer service tool
  • PDS hosts the site but consumers aren’t aware they are leaving the Co-Brander site

Functionality Includes:

  • Payment Accounts include: All bank accounts and is bank independent
  • Allows for Investment accounts (Brokerage, etc)
  • Allows for Private Label Debit Cards (ACH enabled cards and various prepaid switch enabled cards )
  • Bill payments to all payees (large and small billers)
  • Supports Electronic and Check payments
  • Supports Account to Account Funds Transfer
  • Great to move money from savings to checking or
  • Move funds from a parents account to a college students account
  • Supports Person to Person Payments
  • Allows for loading of funds for Debit / Stored Value Cards
  • Supports Call Center Originated Payments for Customers with no Internet Portal Access