IPS ACH*Gateway

IPS ACH Gateway allows developers to implement the processing and/or verification of ACH/eCheck payments. The Microsoft® .NET web service for ACH, IPS ACH Gateway, provides real-time feedback on eCheck acceptance and verification and is integrated with all of Payment Data’s verification, fraud, risk and customer service offerings.

Real-Time Information for Verification Only or Verification and Payment Acceptance

Our enhanced Microsoft .NET web service Verification and Risk tool is designed to perform extended fraud and risk management by conducting commercially reasonable check validations and buyer authentications. We are able to verify the validity of a bank routing number and consumer’s bank account status. Additional features include:

  • Allows lookup of bank name by routing number
  • Quickly identifies data entry errors of routing number
  • Identifies inactive or retired routing numbers due to bank merger or acquisition
  • Identifies credit unions and financial institutions whose rules do not allow debit or credit ACH transactions to post to savings or checking accounts
  • Recognizes items drawn on closed accounts
  • Recognizes items drawn on accounts currently in overdraft status
  • Recognizes consumer accounts that are in industry negative databases

The benefits that a PDS customer can expect to realize are:

  • Reduces “administrative” returns, allowing you to identify bad routing numbers and enables you to make the correction at the point of acceptance instead of after the sale
  • Reduces cost associated with administrative return items
  • Reduces “Account Closed” and “NSF” returns
  • Allows your company to recognize potentially fraudulent transactions
  • Reduces cost associated with return items and collections

Integrated payment tracking via the PDS IPS Select CSR View product

The IPS ACH Gateway Supports:

  • .NET Webservice
  • SOAP

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